1. UK Serious Crime Agency proposes ban on small cellphones that don’t look like cellphones



    The UK Serious Organised Crime Agency is having a total freakout about miniature phones that look like automobile keyfobs, like this one. They are apparently being smuggled into prisons (and many are marketed for this purpose), and so SOCA is contemplating a ban on cellphones that are small and don’t look like cellphones. Which will totally work. Totally.

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  2. 1925 photo of a Tibetan skeleton dancer



    A remarkable photo by Joseph Rock, from 1925. (Via Magic Transistor)

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  3. geisterseher:

    Adelaide Hall, Two women abroad : what they saw and how they lived while travelling among the semi-civilized people of Morocco, the peasants of Italy and France, as well as the educated classes of Spain, Greece, and other countries (1897)

    (Source: archive.org)

  4. my-wanton-self:


    nature is rad

    Freaking amazing photography!

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